Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you were to design perfect thanksgiving weekend weather, I'd say it's safe to say we have it right now. It's 20 degrees outside, the sun is strong and bright, there are no clouds in the sky, just a light breeze, and the air is crisp.

That meant perfect weather for the wedding we went to on Saturday, which included a fantastic Chinese buffet dinner. We were seated at what we ended up calling the "white kids table" but a couple of the groomsmen snuck us the real Chinese foodand it was SO good. My chopstick skills were embarassingly and uncharacteristically bad, but the food was incredible and everyone had a blast. I think I'll institute a week-long "no forks or knives" moratorium for myself soon just to brush up on my skills.

We went to church this morning with my parents, and enjoyed a fantastic turkey lunch at their house. When we got back I ran to costco to get some pictures ordered (we now have wedding pictures! in frames!) and and pick up some new plug-in toothbrushes.

I freaking love electric toothbrushes. The problem is we only had the battery powered ones which means we're constantly charging batteries and it's annoying when they don't work. So, I bought plug in ones, despite the fact our bathroom doesn't actually have a plug. (We tried to put one in but our electrician wasn't all that smart and that means we now have a big hole in the wall where a plug COULD be, but he wasn't able to fish the wire down). Ah the joys of owning an older house. I'm sure we'll figure something out.

The toothbrushes came in a BIG! ENORMOUS! box. It's one of the worst instances of overpackaging I've seen in yers. Behold the box.

Then look inside to see how much room two electric toothbrushes actually take up in the box!

I was never good at math, as my alcoholic grade 12 math teacher would slur his words to tell you (yeah, drinking peppermint schnapps in class doesn't really convince us it's just scope), but I'd say that package is 2/3 empty. Possibly 3/5. Pathetic! I get that they don't want people walking out with them up their shirts and whatnot, but this is completely wasteful and unnecessary.

While waiting for some wedding photos to get developed I found this beautiful rug. Wish I could find its twin in a bigger size. Love it, and, apparently, so did Scarlett.

We were unable to contain ourselves any longer and decided we HAD to get out and enjoy the weather, so we unleashed Hairy (our roomba) to clean the floors (I love a man who cleans) and went to the dog park. I remembered my camera this time.


Jay said...

Aw, you two look great. Yes foliage, you look good too. Can you believe this great weather? Today it was like shorts weather (which sucks with the oven on all day...but I swear this is not a complaint!).

Pendullum said...

Those are fantastic fall shots...
Really captures what one should be thankful for!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Heather said...

Jay: Thanks! Coats hide double chins nicely, n'est ce pas? It totally was shorts weather - hope you got a chance to enjoy it for a bit.

Pendullum: Thanks! The pics don't really even do it justice - it was just that nice out.

TB said...

I'll admit, the autumn colors are fantastic, but I still don't miss them at all :o)

Cute picture of the two of you.

Heather said...

TB: Yeah I can imagine the new scenery is cool enough that you don't miss fall. Thanks!

Jhong Ren said...

aw..beautiful scenic photos..i love ur blog and it always makes me feel wedding planning is tough..thanks for sharing ur blog...

i have linked u to my blogroll...wondering if u can link me to yours...?