Sunday, September 24, 2006

An update for Ms. Morrisette* on the definition of irony

You and your husband decide to take the dogs for an extra long walk on a beautiful Sunday afternoon down never before explored trails.

Once you are miles from the car, it starts raining as though the monsoon season has just hit. Your glasses become useless, your hair drips, your jeans are so wet they weigh 20 lbs more than they did when you put them on, and with every step you hear and feel squishing water between your toes.

In the nice, dry car (which, again, is miles and miles away) are the birthday presents you got yesterday from your parents - nice, new, guaranteed never-to-leak waterproof coats (so that you could walk the dogs in all kinds of weather!).

But? We discovered miles of trails we'd never been down and were amazed at the beautiful forests we travelled through. We had no idea how far the trails would take us and it was just incredible that even in the middle of a fairly decent sized city, there lies such a refuge. I'll bring a camera next time we go.

After a shower and a hot chocolate I'm fully recovered, though the eau de wet dog still lingers heavily in the air around here.

*Not that she reads my blog, but that song always unleashed the snottypants in me - it's not ironic to have a blackfly in your chardonnay. It's unfortunate, it's annoying, but there's no irony there.


IzzyMom said...

lololol...and I thought I was the only person who found the black fly in the chardonnay to be totaly UNironic! GMTA!

And I feel ya on the rain deal. But at least you got wet doing something fun and cool! You may recall my drenching occurred while changing a diaper on the front seat of the car. So not fun :)

Heather said...

Izzymom: yeah you totally win on the "grossest drenching" front, but apparently we're not alone about the song - there's even a wikipedia article about it.

wordgirl said...

My whole life? It's ironic. Love your new blog colors!

John said...

I'm with you on the "Ironic" front Heather. Ralph Klein getting beaten on by a hobo with a whiskey bottle would be ironic... rain on your wedding day... not so much. Glad those jackets are getting some good use. ;) Here's to Elaine not getting soaked tonight after work while she waits for the bus, seeing as I left her umbrella at my parent's house... :(

Jay said...

We were out for a run and approaching the 4th of 5 kms when it started to pour - "ironically", our coats were in the same place as yours, the back seat of our car, parked in our driveway, 4 kms behind us. The run back has never felt so long!

sunshine scribe said...

It is not ironic to have a blackfly in your chardonnay.

Looking forward to the pics next time (hopefully it is drier).

Great new blog look!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Heh. Isn't that always the way?

And don't you just love that eau de dog smell? :)

(btw, I need pictures of those cuties at Dog Gone Blog. 'Kay?)

Nancy said...

Sounds like a heavenly day. I've been really wanting to go hiking lately. And do I love walking in the rain -- although I am sure it really would have been nice for you to have your nice waterproof coats, huh? ;-)

Sara said...

Yeah... you aren't alone on the snottypants front there.

In fact, we had a whole high school english class devoted to it. Our teacher was mortified at how Alanis Morisette had singlehandedly confused a whole generation of high schoolers as to the meaning of irony... a difficult concept for some (apparently including Alanis).