Friday, September 15, 2006

The end is in sight

The light at the end of the tunnel no longer feels like it is most certainly an oncoming train. It's been a busy few weeks. Here's the last of the wedding/honeymoon posts (Promise!).

Friday afternoon when our plane landed we scurried home, took Dave's brother (who is the best dog/cat/house sitter ever to grace the earth) out for lunch (yay Thai food), took some dirty clothes out of the suitcase and threw them in the general direction of the laundry, added some clean ones, and grabbed my bridesmaid gear and drove up to Ottawa (about 4 hours for you out-of-towners) to Sara and Scott's bachelor(ette) party. Sara and I are really close friends - we joke that we actually share a brain (and some days it may in fact be true). We dropped our stuff at our hotel room and cabbed it over to the bar where we met up with everyone and drank until the wee hours of the morning and happily collapsed in bed.

Saturday we slept in until 10, then rushed around to get a wedding gift and run errands. We ended up relaxing late Saturday afternoon, vegging in front of the tv. We only have rabbit ears in this house, so watching all the home improvement, home repair and decorating shows made me supremely jealous. I think if we had cable my ass would never again be able to be separated from the couch. So, rabbit ears it is!

Sunday at 8:30 I was at the salon, getting all prettied up for my bridesmaidley (no, that's not a word) duties, we got ready for the wedding, and seemingly minutes later we were walking down the aisle. Ernesto the pesto struck again, apparently following us from the honeymoon right to Ottawa where his "rain of terror" (well it really wasn't terrifying but why ruin a good pun?) continued, moving the service inside. Their wedding service was lovely, the dinner was great, and the party lasted late into the night.

I promised Dave (in my somewhat drunken state after the wedding which really ought not be believed) that I would be ready to get up and drive home early Monday morning so he could get some work done to be ready for work the next day, but when he shook me at 8:00 to get up and get moving my brain could only grunt in acknowledgement. He mercifully let me sleep until 9:30, when he woke me up again, so I threw some clothes on and stumbled with my eyes still mostly closed downstairs to the continental breakfast where I grabbed some munchies for us and a coffee (which I promptly spilled all over my lap) and stumbled into the car. Dave drove the whole way home, with me passed out in the front seat for a good portion of it.

Once we got home we drove Dave's brother to the train station, had dinner and headed to bed to get ready for a week at work.

After a four day week that seemed like at least 8, Dave worked all of last weekend at job #2, and I had the fun of cleaning the house top to bottom on Saturday and hosting my great aunt from Scotland who was heading to the airport that day. Sunday I got up early and drove down to Windsor and back (4 hours each way for the out of towners) to a wedding shower, and had another long week at work this week. Wedding showers in my somewhat hick life involved jello salads and finger sandwiches and punch. Gifts at such showers were as elaborate as a toaster but that'd be the extent of it(ain't nothing wrong with toasters, I love our new one!). This one was entirely different - a 4 course meal (with some wicked desserts), and entire appliance sets. I mostly sat with my jaw gaping (like the hick I am) at the extravagance of it. It wasn't that the recipient didn't deserve everything she got (and more!) but it was like no wedding shower I'd ever experienced before - the food was amazing, and everyone had a great time.

So, safe to say anyone who suggests doing anything remotely wedding related or anything involving me not impressing ass groves into the couch will have no idea what hit them. We'll probably write thank you cards or at least pick a picture to include in them (we have pictures from the photographer! Yay!) but are mostly planning on giving our brains and bodies a break before we collapse. Here's to making it through the rest of today and some desperately needed down time.

Oh, and find out where there's a Terry Fox Run in your area this weekend and go! This is something I've done every year since I was 7, and I've only missed it one year since. It's a fantastic cause (who doesn't know someone who has been effected by cancer!?) - funding cancer research, it has resulted in huge gains in research and treatment, and the operating costs of the organization are among the lowest you'll find in any charity. I'll be at the one in the 'shwa Sunday if anyone wants to join me!

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