Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Weekend Report - Ottawa Edition

Bleh! I was going to write about the weekend, but really when I read the first paragraph I thought "geez, this sounds like I'm in grade 2 telling people what I did for the weekend" so I ixnayed that.

Here's the short version: drove up to Ottawa, stayed with the lovely Henly and got all jealous of his gorgeous house, and gorgeous ensuite which has a tub which is big enough for 2 people (perhaps more if you're the kinky sort, but not being of the kinky sort I'm not sure). Sadly, we didn't get to see his gorgeous daughter who I'm sure incites baby fever in even the most ardent kid-free homes.

Went to Sara's bridal shower and exchanged bridesmaid dresses for our weddings (I gave Sara hers for my wedding, she gave me mine for her wedding, we're getting married 8 days apart).

Got drunk enough to try karaoke (but still in a group with the hope that everyone else's voice would drown mine out), which, despite my mocking was fun and hilarious. I also think Henly looks very Elton John-esque in my sunglasses (and, in his defence, a great deal of booze had been consumed at this point).

Sunday we saw three friends I used to work with, two of which now have kids, the other whose kids grew leaps and bounds it seems, and are absolutely adorable, so there was much oohing and aahing and slinky playing over that.

We stopped at Ikea on the way home to find vases for the reception, which, we failed to do. Anyone knowing of a good place to get cheap sturdy vases please lemme know! (they'll be holding glads, so I figure no matter what we get we'll be putting rocks in the bottom of the vase). It was a whirlwind, but we of course had a blast.

Sunday night we picked up the dogs, who, despite my being convinced they would be miserable, sad, lonely, and beside themselves over the fact we left them, and that we were horrible pet owners for doing so, they seemed wholly unscathed by the experience.

And Rhett? I don't think he even cared to notice we were gone. Scarlett played "I don't know you, you're not important to me" for a while but has since forgiven us as her primary source of food.

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