Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ok it's not my country... I should probably butt out but I have NO IDEA how it is that people could have voted for this dude. I've racked my brain, over and over again and fail to see how same sex marriage isn't a human rights issue.

I just read an article that outlines how Bush states "Marriage cannot be cut off from its cultural, religious, and natural roots without weakening this good influence on society."

I don't know about you, but seeing boys holding hands or girls kissing doesn't want to make me throw rocks at windows or engage in criminal behaviour, so I fail to see how same sex relationships serve to weaken good influence on society. Heck, we've had same sex marriage in Canada for a while now and last time I looked out my window there wasn't chaos in the streets, no riots or lawlessness. Society seems just fine, thank you very much.

I am so sick of the Christian right thinking their interpretation of the bible is the only one. Last I heard God's message was one of love, not one of condemning it. I should also note that it was written in a time where women were regarded as inferior beings and slavery was entirely acceptable. Times change.

Sadly, apparently the baby eating Robo-Harper is hoping to be able to open the debate about same sex marriage in Parliament this fall. The issue's been determined by the courts as a human rights issue already, there's nothing to discuss Robo! Move on!


ElaineMI said...
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ElaineMI said...
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sunshine scribe said...

Well you don't even have to ask what I think about this! Ug.

TB said...

Sigh. It's so sad, but most of us have given up and are just waiting for his term to be over so we can assess the damage.

Heather said...

elainemi: No idea why you erased your comments, but to each their own!

Sunshine: Nope I don't have to ask, and I like that we agree!

TB: yeah I suspect we'll be doing the same thing here in a few years (we're not immune to it either!).

ElaineMI said...

Heather: I deleted only because I wasn't sure if you wanted me to post on your blog. But, considering you mentioned me, what I said, originally, is that I agreed with you.

With all the problems in the world, with people suffering, dying, why we would have to waste one second on the gay marriage debate is just plain stupid. This is not something that offends me and those that are offended need to change to a large size pantie as the ones they are currently wearing are in a bunch.

It is a basic human right to love, need and be needed and to have a life together with that person. I, personally, don't care if that means man/woman, woman/woman, or man/man. I simply refuse to understand the distortion that the Bible-thumpers spew from their lips. I do not believe the Bible was written by the hand of God but rather by an individual, or a group of individuals, that came up with their idea on the way we should live. People have been reading this book and interpretingand misinterpreting it into something that may never had been meant to be in the first place. However, I did not intend to turn this into a religion lesson.

All I can say, concerning the current leadership of our countries/world is that this too shall pass and election day is only 2 yrs, 4 months, 30 days away (with a wee margin for error). I think I can safely say that Bush has ruined his brother's chances of making it in to the White House (which I believe that most of us can say we are greatful for).

ElaineMI said...

OOPS.....CORRECTION: 1 (one) year, 4 months and 30 days till next election.

The we just have to get through the rest of 2008 till the next order takes over.

Heather said...

elainemi: I hope things go better there in '08 for the whole worlds' sake.