Monday, June 19, 2006

Ding Ding, we have the wedding ring(s)!

This weekend was a wedding-filled one. We attended the first of seven (or is it eight... either way, way too many weddings) this year of friends' of ours. It took place at this historic mansion about an hour north of here. The ceremony itself was outside, and beautifully done. The front verandah at the mansion was probably bigger than our house, and was absolutely beautiful. I felt like we were in some sort of social in the deep south, but managed to restrain myself from breaking out the deep southern accent which I would've butchered mercilessly. The bride was absolutely ravishing, and the groom's look when he saw her would've melted hearts of stone. Luckily my giant honking sunglasses hid any of my teary moments (yeah I'm a complete sap). We took a tonne of pictures and I can't wait to share them with the bride and groom, but, lucky them, they're off on a 3 week honeymoon in Italy! Sure makes "we're heading to Montreal for a couple of nights" sound chintzy, eh?

There was one guest, who I am sure is a very nice and a lovely person, who looked like an 80s prom explosion happened, and she was covered in the results. Her dress was a lovely shade of fuscia (which actually was a pretty colour) but it was off the shoulder with a ruffled edge which, if you stretched it out end to end would probably be enough fabric to mummify her. It was tight through the bodice then had a basque waistline where it got all puffy in the skirt and mercifully ended at the knee. I say this not to disparage her (or anyone, really), but am always fascinated by other peoples' outfit choices. If the threat had been "wear this or I'll steal your car" I'd probably have chosen to take my chances with the insurance company.*

Dave wore a pink checked shirt with his new black striped suit, and I wore a pinkey-plumey sleeveless dress. Never in a million years did I think I'd see Dave in a white and pink checked shirt (and a tie that also had shades of pink on it) but it looked great on him and he chose very wisely.

Saturday morning we managed to pick out wedding rings for ourselves which was kinda nice, and Sunday was spent figuring out the wording for the invitation and finalizing a guest list. Man are weddings expensive, especially caterers! I barely slept worrying about it. Whose idea was this wedding thing anyway? And inviting people? Yeah that adds to the whole stress thing.

When we weren't doing wedding crap we were walking the dogs, and later, tending to one who thought it would be a great idea to eat a toad. Don't worry, the toad was rescued from a goobery mouth unharmed (but probably more than a bit shocked), and the dog learned a lesson** that toads secrete a poison which caused him to be very sick. The next 3 hours he was ralphing all over the car and our house, and the stench was unbearable. Apparently he also left a mess in the backyard similar to the one the electrician left in our bathroom. Same dog t-boned his brother running full speed and got a nose bleed so it was a messy day overall.

*there are people who would have said this about the dress I wore. I'm okay with that.
**well he should have but probably didn't


Mrs. Chicky said...

Hey! How did that woman get my senior prom dress!


Sounds like all had a wonderful time at the wedding. But 8 weddings in one year? Gah.

mama_tulip said...

Eight weddings in a year? YIKES!

Your poor dog, but more importantly, poor YOU. And I thought cleaning up kid puke from the car was bad.

Heather said...

Mrs. Chicky: apparenly it's the "in" thing this year with our friends... the 8 weddings includes ours, my friend whose wedding is 8 days after ours (I'm in that one).

mama_tulip: Kid puke from the car is definitely bad. Dave cleaned up the puke (I clean up after my cats, he does the same with his dogs). It's not the 8 weddings, it's all the parties that go along with them! Stupid people finding people they wanna spend the rest of their lives with! :P

elaine said...

Is mine included in the 8??? :P

Yeah, I gotta say, not looking forward to the whole wedding expense thing. Especially that giant caterer's bill....I think I may become a guest list nazi...the only real way to cut cost significantly...

Heather said...

Elaine: Yes, yours is included in the eight (it's one of the three I'm standing up in). It's not that I don't want people coming, but man inviting people costs a whack of money and throws our budget WAY off.

Kristin said...

8 weddings in one year? Mercy! But, HOORAY for wedding bands! I forgot (because I suck that way) to buy my husband a ring and ended up running out and picking one up the day before our wedding...

sunshine scribe said...

Wedding season is an understatement!!! Wow.

How fun that you chose your rings this weekend :)

Oh and great sunglasses

BTW I hope you'll come to the TO blogger get together once we have it sorted out. Its not that far and there will be a non-kiddie outing too I hope :)

Heather said...

Kristin: Mercy is exactly what I need, frankly. Oh well, it should be fun (and have us largely home-free on the wedding front for a while). So funny you pulled off the last minute ring thing. I LOVE jewery (but broke, so I don't have much unfortunately) so the rings were a big priority for me. :P

Sunshine: It's amazing how geeked I am about the rings. I'd be happy come to the TO thing if kidless people are allowed. I love the glasses too. Roots outlet in Niagra for $15, they're the only big sunglasses I've found that I could wear.

DebbieDoesLife said...

I wish you would have snuck a pic of that dress.

Why did you spell tonne like that and not ton? Is that how Canadian's spell it??? I AM glad you didn't attempt the southern accent then (coming from a Texan with an accent!).

You will be coming up soon!!

DebbieDoesLife said...

Where's the pic of your new wedding ring by the way?????

Heather said...

Debbiedoeslife: I actually did snap a pic of the dress, out of pure shock at how ugly it was, but didn't have the balls to put it up on the internet.

The wedding rings are being sized, but I'll post a picture when we get them. Still super geeked about them though.

As for tonne, I dunno, metric tonnes are spelled, so it's probably our Brit heritage.

Izzy said...

ha! The basque waistline is sooo 80's. In fact, that description was very reminiscent of my prom dress, which was a lovely shade of lavender. Acccck!

And eight weddings? I don't envy you!

Heather said...

Izzy: I actually laughed out loud at a sales lady at a bridal store who suggeted that I try one on that was all satin and lace up to the neck and had a big basque waistline. I think I told her "I'm not a Disney character."