Saturday, April 22, 2006

You'll have to excuse me if this post is pretty vapid

While other bloggers are writing about their families, their important jobs, the state of feminism today, current events, relationships, intensely personal experiences in their lives, illness, the good deeds they do for others, the struggle to find inspiration to write, and the rampant consumerism in our modern lives, I am about to tell you about my latest purchase.

While it may not hold the significance of the aforementioned things, I have to say: I think I'm in love.

It's sleek. It's black.

It's curved like it was molded by a master craftswoman to fit my hand.

It may sound weird but Dave's brother's girlfriend lent me hers last weekend with the warning that I'd never go back. She was right. I can't thank her enough.

When it came time to buy one, I decided to splurge. I bought the deluxe model.

It's extra wide.

It has a variety of settings. At any time I can turn the dial and up the power. I can spend hours with it.

I hadn't anticipated the hold it would have on me. I'm a bit embarrassed it took me this long to get one.

Behold my new hair straightener.

(actually mine has sporty yellow instead of pretty purple, but you get the idea)

When I was a kid I had very fine, poker straight, strawberry blonde hair. (The photo, incidentally, is me dancing with my grandpa. I think I'm about five).

The 80s and 90s hit me hard, and for years my hair remained in a permed state that can only be described as unfortunate in retrospect. As I got older, my hair also transformed to a mousey brown colour, with some dated highlights.

The perms seem to have somehow stuck with me. Even though I haven't had one in years, my hair is no longer straight. The funny thing is, though, it's not curly either. It's this annoying fine wavey texture, and, while soft, it's frizzy unless I put an inordinate amount of work into it. I'm lazy and a bit of a tomboy and can't be bothered with a lot of primping. This thing straightens my hair and makes it look a hundred times better in less than 10 minutes.

In a few short minutes I can go from "went to bed with wet hair after a bath" frizzball to "sleek, spent hours doing my hair" straight.

This morning when I stumbled out of bed I used it. I had a shower before bed last night, worked a couple of products in it, and woke up this morning sporting hair with a "guess who's been playing with an electrical socket" look. In minutes my hair was straight as though I'd spent hours blow drying every strand. I had to show my mum and sister when they arrived how cool it was. Now that Dave and I are about to head out to the movies I think I'll use it again just to touch up. Safe to say I'm an addict I guess.


roro said...

Ha ha ha - you had me going there for awhile, Heather. The description was titillating and when I saw that picture, I still had a moment of "Man, that is some CRAZY vibrat . . .ohhhhhh. Heh heh. That Heather . . ."

Hilarious. Hope each straightening session is as fulfilling and thrilling as the first.

Kristen said...

Is it from Sephora? I think we are writing one up over at Cool Mom Picks. They sound amazing. Wet to dry fascinates me.

I'm still trying to figure out my crimping iron :)

Heather said...

roro: I was trying, but didn't think I'd pulled it off. As with other things, straightening sessions continue to be a blast.

Kristen: This one was from a regular old department store, under $40. I thought about getting a wet to dry one but just went with plain old ceramic. My hair dries in almost no time anyway.