Friday, April 28, 2006

Green thumb

I've always had tons of plants wherever I lived, but I didn't really consider myself to have a green thumb. Until now. All humility has gone out the window.

My sister got us a beautiful orchid as a housewarming gift a few months ago. It stayed in bloom for a long time, but eventually it wilted. I never thought I'd be able to get it to bloom again*, but thought I'd try anyway... and it worked! Soon we'll have six more blooms!**

The terrarium is one my great uncle Tommy made; he was a master with stained glass. He made some that were four feet tall, and made his own patterns. If the house were on fire I'd rescue the terrarium right after I rescued Dave and the animals.

*Yeah, I know it's apparently not difficult to make orchids re-bloom. Regardless of this fact I take it as a sign that I'm good at it. Play along.
**Assuming Rhett doesn't get hungry and start chewing on them.


Sara said...

I wouldn't have known they weren't hard to make rebloom... You had me convinced

DebbieDoesLife said...

Someone else told me that orchid were actually pretty easy. I WANT ONE!!!

sunshine scribe said...

Well your thumb is greener than mine so I'm the last one to comment on orchid simplicity. I say Well Done!

Heather said...

Sara: Heh guess I should have kept my mouth shut!

Debbie: I Saw them at costco for $14.99 and totally think they're worth it. They bloom for weeks, get a bit ugly, and will bloom again. You shoud get a bunch for the new digs!

Sunshine Scribe: Thanks! (but it really is easy)

HolyMama! said...

i'm impressed! i haven't had much success with orchids myself, so i just buy the cut stems and stick them in a vase.

Heather said...

Holymama: any idea how long they last in a vase? They last more than a month on the plant itself. They're such pretty and complex flowers. (oh and apparently the trick to get them to re-grow is just keep them in bright warm sun during the day and cooler darkness at night. I didn't do anything fancy.

Whinger said...

You SHOULD be proud. I have a green thumb and cannot, for the life of me, make them rebloom.

Stupid orchids.

Heather said...

Whinger: It's pure luck on my part.