Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Weekend Part II

For anyone who hasn't been there, I know Windsor gets a bad wrap. I openly joke (having lived there for 3 years) that it's the armpit of Ontario. It does have its rough edges but I do have a certain fondness for it. I love how diverse it is. It's apparently 4th most ethnically diverse city in Canada. There are amazing ethnic grocers, great restaurants, and there's a cool variety of faces and languages, all things that are sorely lacking in the 'shwa.

Friday night we went out with friends to play pool, Saturday night we danced like fools at the Loop - a bar that always seems to have a great and fun crowd. It's the kind of place where goth people dance with preppie dressed people, and it's no big deal to see boys hitting on other boys. No one seems to blink, and the music is usually great too.

Friday night we had wicked perogies (pierogy, peroggy, pyrogy, however you want to spell it) for dinner from the Ukrainian Church. I could have eaten them by the pound, and after eating some I walked like I had eaten several pounds. It's a good thing we live four hours away, otherwise I'd actually start looking like a perogy pretty soon, oil pouring out my sweat glands, all round and doughy. Heck, I'm already pretty pasty coloured and fairly round.

Saturday we enjoyed a great lunch with great company. I love reconnecting with friends and catching up on stories. Both Saturday and Sunday nights we were treated to delicious family Easter dinners.

We spent some of Saturday afternoon at the mall shopping for summer clothes, after realizing how much warmer things are there. We were boiling in jeans and long sleeved shirts.

Sunday was an anniversary of sorts for us - we had our first date in Windsor two years ago that day, so while we were walking the dogs along the river we stopped by and took a picture. I know, it's very fromage.

The drive home Sunday night was fairly uneventful; we passed a grass fire along the side of the highway, undoubtedly caused by someone who smokes and thinks the world is their ashtray so it's okay to just throw a butt out the window. It takes something like 14 years for a butt to break down where it falls, and they aren't exactly good for the environment (amazing I know, given how good they are for your lungs). When I run the world that kind of crap will be strictly enforced by making the offenders pick every single butt up off the ground in a 1km square area. With their teeth.

The drive home was also made more interesting because we had less room after picking up our new-to-us Christmas tree from Dave's aunt. Space normally reserved for dogs lounging in the back of the car was limited, the result of which led to Prometheus trying to figure out a way fit his 100 lb dog body onto a few inches of seat space while Daedalus lounged across most of the back seat. This is what followed:

It wasn't all dog antics; we were treated to a beautiful sunset as well.


DebbieDoesLife said...

I thought you wrote "we passed gas" but it was "we passed grass fire."

Hey I have drank a few glasses of wine. Give me a fucking break.

What is the 'shwa if you live in Windsor? I am confused. Just a confused Texan American. Drinking wine.

wordgirl said...

I haven't started drinking yet tonight, but I also want to know what the 'shwa is/was.

And I'm a confused Texan.

Heather said...

The 'shwa is the derogatory/slang term for Oshawa, Ontario (Canada) the white bread city where we live.

Normally I'd be worried about potential stalkers, but I don't think we're interesting enough to stalk. But if somehow peole think we are, think again. As you can tell from the blog, we're paint drying boring. Stalk someone interesting.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Oh, I love Borzois! More please.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, lady. Hope to see you around there again.

Heather said...

Ms. Chicky I think you're among the few who have ever heard of them. We've been asked if they were pandas, if they were llamas, etc. And it wasn't all from children. Thanks for stopping by.