Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weekend tidbits

We went out for Thai food on Friday night, and MMMM was it good. So good, in fact that I just enjoyed leftover green curry veggies & tofu with jasmine rice for dinner. Is there anything more delightful than mango sticky rice? I drank jasmine tea by the gallon.

What a GORGEOUS weekend! It was so nice to have a taste of spring.

Saturday the weather was just amazing. It was about 15 degrees but the sky was perfect blue with high whispy clouds and a light springey breeze. We rallied the dogs and drove to Cobourg (where I grew up) to visit my parents. We all went for a walk along the harbour, out the pier, across the beach, and through the downtown. I had hoped to get some adorable treat jars for dog and cat treats but sadly, no luck.

It was so sunny, that on the ride home I decided I simply had to get a new pair of sunglasses. So, for $20 I now have sporty sunglasses which do a much better job than the other $20 pair I have which aren't that dark and have a nasty habit of pulling out my hair.

Looking back I really wish I'd gone for a rollerblade late Saturday when we got home. I really got hooked on blading to work last year in Ottawa and can't wait to get at it again. I still really stink at it but am getting better.

I even got 2 runs in with the dogs, about 5.2 km on Saturday, and 4.8km on Sunday. I felt good after both and am seriously hoping I can stay on track and get going on the weights in an effort to cure my comfy bum. I'm starting the Running Room 10k clinic on Tuesday night and am really looking forward to it.

I'm starting to get pretty excited about spring. The dose of spring weather we had the last 2 days (which I gather will be short lived, they're forcasting rain/snow and temperatures hovering around 0).

I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of me planting a whack of tulips, hyacinths and daffodils bulbs in OUR garden this fall. I'm getting nerdy about gardening this summer, having our own yard and I'd really like to have a nice garden out front, with mint growing in it for mojitos.

I'm also looking forward to more hours of light in the evening and firing up the BBQ we inherited from my grandmother. She insists she's too afraid to use it (lest it explode) so she gave it to us. It just needs a good cleaning after sitting idle for a few years. I might even give it a fresh coat of BBQ paint to make it look all new and shiney.

The only downside of the glimpse we had of spring is that the zoo has started shedding MORE than they were before. As if that were even possible! It's a good thing my spring cleaning instinct has kicked in.


DebbieDoesLife said...

God, I love Thai food and now because of you I will HAVE to have it THIS week!!

You also reminded me to get back on my running schedule. It seems that when I concentrate on one part of my life another starts to slide.....

roro said...

Heather - your weekend sounds so busy, I felt like I might need to lie down after reading about it.

Your running sounds very ambitious! I'm hoping that knitting will de-comfy MY bum. So far nothing's happening - but then again it's only been three months. It's important not to rush these things.

Heather said...

Debbie I hope your thai food is as yummy as mine.

Roro I don't want to burst any bubbles, but knitting hasn't had any de-comfying effect on my comfy bum. Perhaps it's becuase my knitting has yet to evolve beyond scarves I'm cool with the straight lines, that's about it. That hat you knit was ADORABLE!

wordgirl said...

Spring cleaning recipe:

Open windows
Take some Claritin
Fire up the washing machine
Locate old garbage bag with souring yogurt containers and take outside.