Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Signs of spring in the 'shwa

When out for my first rollerblade of the spring yesterday (and I can tell you, thanks to my new cool gadget that I went 6.43k with an average speed of 12.5k an hour, which is slow but I had hills and traffic lights to contend with) I noticed a definite sign of spring in the 'shwa.

A guy was standing in his driveway, washing and washing his monster truck, complete with big tractor wheels. It was bright tonka truck red. On my way back he was drying its giant shiny rims, bit by bit, with a paper towel.

I can't remember if he had a mullet or not, but figure this is a sure sign that spring is here.


wordgirl said...

Spring here, too. Green fuzzy stuff blowing everywhere. I come.

scarbie doll said...

Oh yeah girl. Anything east of Yonge St (including the 'shwa) has a different vibe to it. Is it coincidence that Mississauga is a huge metropolis that garners respect, but Pickering is the land of strip malls? East side living builds character, that's fo sho!

On an unrelated note, I don't know you, but your life looks lovely in the photos.

DebbieDoesLife said...

Rollerblades?? Now I have to totally reassess the mental image I had of you.

Heather = rollergirl

DaniGirl said...

Was he wearing socks and sandals? Another quintessential sign of spring!!

Heather said...

wordgirl: I'm so lucky not to have springtime allergies (at least so far!)

scarbie doll: It's definitely less upscale on the east side, which is way more my style. Thanks for the compliment - I must've been good in a past life to have it so good now.

debbiedoeslife: I'm wondering what makes a rollergirl and what your mental image of me was before? If it's any consolation I suck on blades but I really like it so I keep it up. I'm good as long as the curbs aren't too big (and Dave carries me out of the house with them on so I don't die on our front steps).

danigirl: I didn't see socks or sandals but both would be par for the course in the 'shwa.