Thursday, March 09, 2006

Meet captain passed-out

I'm not sure about this one, but I think taking Daedalus for his first 5k run with me may have been a bit too much. To be fair it was dark out, in the rain with wet sidewalks, and a hilly course. I think around kilometer 2.3 he gave me a look that said "are you seriously going to keep making me do this!?"

He's been passed out on the floor since we got back... and he didn't even come over when his brother was getting attention which is completely unheard of.


roro said...

Heather, that dog looks just like I would if you tried to take me on a 5k run - except the dog is much thinner. Maybe you could get some kind of sidecar for him next time?

Heather said...

Yeah it's totally not fair that the dogs are super thin and sleep all day and I try to be active and am on the delightfully plump end of things. They run about 8k with me now without any trouble. They're built for bursts of speed though instead of my slow, plunky running.

I think it'd be hilarious to get a burley bike trailer for them though. :)