Saturday, February 18, 2006

An ode to telemarketers

Ok, not really, but having been home one week now during the day I've once again realized how annoying telemarketers are. I know, it's not their fault, they have to work to make a living too, etc., but it really annoys me because I ALWAYS answer the phone. It's like I'm being summoned or something... have to answer it! Besides, it could be someone cool I really want to talk to. We aren't fancy people, so no call display here.

Today, when Dave was having a nap (he's sick) they called and I had to scramble through the house to find a phone. Earlier in the week (when I was sick, still am) I was awakened out of a dead sleep. We had our Valentine's day dinner interrupted by a telemarketer.

So, when I found out there is a national do not call list for us Canucks I gladly signed our home phone and cell phones up. Hopefully it works and we can get back to napping and beating these stupid colds!

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