Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dog (mis)adventures

Last night, just before bed we noticed Prometheus (one of our dogs (that's right, Russian dog, Greek name)) had gotten into something he shouldn't have. Looking at the strewn bits across his new doggie bed it became clear that he'd managed to eat a bar of soap.

All that remained were a couple of bits,the biggest was smaller than my thumb. He ate almost an entire bar of soap.

Dave thinks he wanted to be clean from the inside out and he's now been dubbed our little neat freak.

I have my own theory about it - I think it stems from his eating a package of my birth control pills a while ago. You can't devour an entire package of those and not do some, well, you know, mental damage. (yeah, he was in a lot of trouble that day)

Luckily, his "vacuum dog" traits came in handy today. I was having a couple of friends over for lunch and was nuking some broccoli and decided to throw in some butter to melt at the same time for my wicked garlic bread. I don't normally put two things in the microwave at once, but I was in a hurry to get things ready and just threw it in.

When the nuker beeped I grabbed the broccoli, knocking the yummy garlic butter mix everywhere. It was on the floor, the microwave, fridge, and all up the front of the water cooler.

After swearing for a while I went off to vacuum our furniture (a 24-7 hobby in this house), leaving the mess where it fell and figured I would clean it up in a minute.

But, in record time, our famed soap eater came to the rescue and had quickly licked garlic butter off EVERY surface by the time I had de-haired the furniture. Perfect!

(and yes, I cleaned the surfaces afterwards, dog slobber doesn't pass for "clean" in this house)


Carol Ball said...

Where was Daedlus during all this? Mom

Sara said...

Hmmm wonder if his poop will smell nice and clean.

St Yves said...

I almost always let my dogs "clean" the plates before I put them in the dishwasher. When my mother noticed this my reply to the horrified expression on her face was that it was a "doggie enzymatic pre-cleaner." I went on to insist that the dishwasher sterilized the dishes anyway (it does) and that the dog saliva, like human saliva, helped break down the food thus getting the dishes cleaner(Wild speculation).

So I'm right there with you on the dog pre-cleaning : ) and I loved the story.

elane1958 said...

I don't know Heather...that kiddie's song I've heard growing up comes to mind, "I'm forever blowing bubbles".....keep us posted as to what happens!!

DebbieDoesLife said...

Soap? Birth Control pills? That is one crazy dog. But, when a big mess of butter spills than there is nothing better than a hard working helper!

elane1958 said...

The best name for a dog is HOOVER