Sunday, January 15, 2006

How much does Rhett love cat grass?

THIS much! My mum dropped some off last weekend and the cats are really enjoying it, Rhett especially. He does, however, get frustrated with cat grass (and plants in general) when he tries to rub his scent on them. It doesn't work that well since they're not hard surfaces so he just ends up biting them. Keep your fingers crossed for my amaryllis, which fell victim to his teeth Friday night. I hope it will still bloom even with a few bite marks!


elane1958 said...

My fat cat, Rascal, found his way up on to my entertainment center (it's over 7 feet tall) to start chewing on a poinsetta (poisonous..had to throw it out) and then he got up there to eat a couple of peace lillies I had. Caught him the other day and was appalled at how he was doing it. I now keep the squirt bottle handy. All I have to do is show it to him, the bugger

Elaine said...

I think that is the best picture of Rhett ever!!!