Saturday, January 07, 2006

Heeeeerrree fishy, fishy fishy!

If I try on an (otherwise beautiful) wedding dress and immediately decide I don't like it because the back of it makes me look like a cuttlefish does that mean I'm not mature enough to get married? Does likening bridal gowns to cephalopods (and demonstrating it to the sales lady) confirm my mental maturity is equivalent to that of a 4 year old? I think my mother and sister were somewhat mortified.

Either way, tomorrow the search continues with a contingent of friends to help along the way. I'll feel much more organized about the whole wedding thing once the dress part is out of the way.

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elaine said...

Dude..for the record..I wasn't mortified. I thought you were right! I did think that it was manta ray/cuttle fish-ish..Thank god you didn't pick that one....