Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I've debated whether I should post this, still not sure I should. Ok, here goes: I have recently had access to a large supply of those rockets candies leftover from Hallowe’en. Now, I don’t really like them - they’re basically little circles of sugar and food colouring compressed together, they’re definitely not good for you, and yet I can’t seem to stop eating them.

I have a ritual when I eat them. I don’t do this with M&Ms, or smarties, or any other coloured candy, just rockets.

First I open the package and do it one of two ways, based on the variety in the packet.

If the package is dominated by one colour then I to eat the ones that aren’t that colour first. If there is just one of a particular colour, I eat it, and eat the rest in the order of the number of them left. For example, the pack I have right now is mostly white and pink ones. I ate the other colours until it was just pink and white ones. Once I’m down to just two colours I eat which ever ones will make it so there is an even number of pink and white ones left, then eat them alternating between the two colours.

The other way is when there isn’t one or two colours that dominate the package. With those ones, I make groupings in rainbow colours of all of them, and eat the ones that don’t fit into a complete grouping first, and rainbow ones last.

Why on earth would I do this? Am I the lone loonie that does it? This is a whole lot more crazy than just eating the red smarties last, isn’t it?


Elaine said...

No, you're not crazy.

I did something similar last year after my house had excessive candy.
Only I would eat every one but the purple and white ones. At the end I'd stack them up by colour and eat 'em.

Remember putting them into pop as a kid? or was that just me...

Heather said...

Ok that establishes either a) I'm not crazy or b) we're crazy and it runs in the family.

Yes, I definitely remember making more than a couple diet cokes fizz over because of them.

Sara said...

I also have a system for eating them...
I eat some of the most abundant colour first, so I have a more equal balance.

I always leave the orange for the end.

I eat the whites first, cause I don't like them as much and so I get rid of them early in order to savour the good colours left at the end. The white ones have a worse texture.. they're softer.

I like the purples second least (they're more bitter) so I eat them second.

Then I eat the rest of them... leaving one orange for last.

Unless I'm really hungry, then I just stick them all in my mouth at once and barely chew.

I'm sure all this says something about our personality.

Mama V said...

lol... I do the same with Smarties....